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VRscans - new scanning technology from Chaos Group

VRscans - new scanning technology from Chaos Group VRscans, a newly unveiled scanning technology from Chaos Group, can be used to create digital replicas of physical material with sub-mm precision. Material samples can be sent to Chaos Group, which will scan the material and transform it into a digital format for 3D rendering.
In what could prove to be important news for 3D enthusiasts across a number of fields, Chaos Group unveiled its new material scanning technology last week, promising to deliver unparalleled accuracy in 3D material reproduction. The Bulgarian rendering specialist’s VRscans technology can be used to recreate fabrics, leathers, metals, woods, textiles, paints etc., helping companies and individuals to create photorealistic digital prototypes of their products. The technology could be used to create 3D renderings of furniture, fashion, architectural structures, and much more.

“We’ve dedicated the last 19 years to advancing rendering technology, so designers can trust what they see on their screen,” said Peter Mitev, CEO at Chaos Group. “Now they can match the material sample in their hand with the one in their 3D model.” Learn more>
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